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Coal is the world's most abundant fossil fuel. It supplies 24 percent of the total global energy and 40 percent of global electricity, and its use is intensifying. It accounts for more than 70 percent of India's commercial energy consumption. While estimates of remaining fossil supplies vary, the World Coal Institute says there is 164 years' worth of coal still in the ground, in contrast to just 41 years' worth of oil. Coal is being enthusiastically mined and according to a survey report by the Natural Resources Defense Council, USA the equivalent of more than 1,400 500-megawatt coal based power plants are planned worldwide by 2020. 

Coal Gasification offers one of the most versatile and efficient ways to convert the energy content of coal into electricity, hydrogen, synfuels, chemicals and other energy forms and is one of the most promising technologies of the future.Coal gasification, apart from other clean coal technologies, presents the world's single largest opportunity for carbon dioxide mitigation. The process of coal gasification offers many advantages over the traditional coal combustion technology in terms of reduced emissions, thermal efficiency, and the ability to generate hydrogen or other high-value fuels or chemicals. The environmental benefits of gasification stem from the capability to achieve extremely low SOx, NOx and particulate emissions from burning coal-derived gases. 

This conference on “Coal Gasification” is aimed to help understanding the latest developments of this technology and discuss in detail the various challenges facing this technology and ways to boost the growth of gasification use in industry. The conference will discuss in detail the various challenges facing the technology, and factors boosting the growth of gasification and ample opportunities for various industries, the different types of gasification processes and the technologies that are used for gasification with case studies of successful projects and a focus on the leading players in this industry. 

Mission Energy Foundation, a not-for-profit body organises the most authoritative and prestigious platforms focusing on dissemination of knowledge. And from their success in organising Coal Gasification: 2008, the conference that a well attended and appreciated by the industry professionals held in Mumbai; are proud to announce their annuan international summit COAL GAS: 2010 scheduled for 24-25 February 2010 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.

This focused conference will again bring together project developers, financiers, policy makers and technology to take an in-depth look at this growing industry. As concerns grow over the security of energy supply in volatile global markets, coal is an increasingly attractive option for our energy security by going cor CTL (Synfuels) power generation. This conference will highlight IGCC and UCG projects around the globe and bring together senior industry professionals share expertise and discuss the challenges facing the development of the gasification industry.

The summit is well supported under the leadership of Mr. S Krishnan (VP – Engineering & Technology, Larsen & Toubro Limited) & Mr. Anand Kumar (Director R&D, Indian Oil Corporation Limited) being our Summit Patrons and an Advisory Board with esteem personalities from government authorities, academics and industry experts from the growing energy sector.

All rights reserved. Mission Energy Foundation