Our Mission

Hello Future!

Around the world - across language barriers, diverse customs, and unique cultures – Mission Energy Foundation will show great consideration to gather, manage and impart knowledge for business practices.

We will continue to refine our quality, expand our capabilities, increase our efficiency, elevate the level of customer service we now provide and set a standard of excellence in the industry.

Our Vision

Delivering = our actions speak louder than words. We are accountable: doing what we say we're going to do efficiently and on time.

Winning = we act with confidence. We're proud to win. We push ourselves to greater heights. And we don't settle for less than being the best.

Inspire = our inspiration is contagious and enables us to unleash creativity to help industry achieve its goals.

Our Goal

  • To create series of dialogues focused on India’s energy challenges
  • To promote energy technologies that are essential contributors to sustainable energy as they generally contribute to world energy security, reducing dependence on fossil fuel resources further creating opportunities for mitigating greenhouse gases.
  • To build partnerships among industry, universities, non-profit research organizations, government agencies and national laboratories  
  • To create state-of-the-art information exchange between government agencies, legislators and corporate decision makers

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